We are a collective of artists and activists, united by our commitment to freedom, interdependence, justice, truth, and love. We are in the business of telling stories that would otherwise go untold, or be ignored. Our goal is to create powerful visuals that start conversations—perhaps between people who would not otherwise talk—in the hopes of fostering community and shifting culture. 

We don't create to please people, or to make everyone comfortable, or to find a new market. We create as an act of protest—to critique and dismantle systems that were set up to work against us, and our shared humanity. We are students of history, and we see that the capitalist slant of history has shaped our current culture and socio-economic system. It is up to us to change it, together.  


We believe that humanity, equality, and sustainability always come before profits. Our products are ethically made—never using a sweatshop, or putting our planet at risk. A portion of the revenue from our work is donated to community and non-profit organizations that work in the fields of education, advocacy, and social activism.  


What does it take to be a free radical? A yearning for every person to be free. A commitment to the truth. And a fierce willingness to take action, in the name of both freedom and truth.